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Believe in - Creativity, Cinema Revolutions, Technological discoveries including Star-Trek beamers, Breaking the 9 to 5 barriers, Travel, Music for soul, Stunning camera work, Getting messages across visually, great steaming cups of coffees and Conspiracy theories totally excite us!

Meet Anecdote Films

Rinku is the founder of Anecdote Films.


Films and cinema being her first love, she left her well paying job in Hong Kong and went to study Filmmaking in Amsterdam. She then also did her animation (3D Max and Maya) in Mumbai. Along with various workshops she has taken at the prestigious Binger institute in Amsterdam. She also holds a bachelor’s degree in Economics.


She started her Media career working at different studios and advertising agencies in Mumbai. Which includes Dungarpur Films, Avitel and Applause Entertainment. Her repertoire encompasses everything from ideating and researching scripts, Directing, Pre-production, Camera work to Post-production. As well as being an Apple certified Final Cut Pro editor.

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